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OIR Brings Green to Miami

Reducing our carbon footprint and focusing on sustainability in Miami-Dade County is a top priority for Opulence International Realty. To further our efforts, our sales associate Mavi Haime has led the Miami area real estate market in green restoration efforts through the development of our “One Tree for Every Key” program. Beginning in January 2017, Opulence is planting a tree for every closing as part of our agency’s overarching goals to support a greener Miami.

One Tree for Every Key

For this ground-breaking event, we recently celebrated the coordinated efforts of Oleta River State Park, Neat Streets Miami, Million Streets Miami, and Green Miami Events by giving a sizeable donation on behalf of the “One Tree for Every Key” program to a North Miami green restoration area. Several key players were in attendance including Mayor of North Miami Beach, George Vallejo, Commissioner of North Miami Beach, Anthony F. DeFillipo, CEO David Hammond, Broker Jill Patterson, and Realtor Mavi Haime who spearheaded this program.

Opulence and business partner holding key

At Opulence International Realty, we take green restoration efforts seriously. Our “One Tree for Every Key” program comes as the next step following the efforts of our sales associates Jason Biondi, the first person to start LEED certifying buildings in Miami, and Pamela Diaz-De-Leon, who works directly with developers to bring more sustainable buildings to the area. Pamela, who reaches out to developers to further her green energy mission says,

“It starts with a conversation and bringing the community together to bring the sustainable energy dream to life.”

Pamela has a deep, analytical background when it comes to green energy. She and her husband Tyler Krutzfeldt, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with Mont Vista Capital, are true aficionados and live with a greener mindset than most. While there are a lot of advanced options Pamela recommends to developers to implement and achieve sustainability, she’s also a proponent of simple, logical solutions — something as simple as buying local construction supplies will reduce the carbon footprint and, as an added bonus, bring an economic boost to the local community.

Help Restore a Greener Miami with Opulence International Realty

Opulence is excited about leading the North Miami Beach and surrounding area with our mission of green restoration and the impact our program will have on the overall quality of our environment for Miami residents.

We hope other real estate brokerages will follow us in our efforts to provide “One Tree for Every Key” in 2017 and beyond!

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